NRCDR closed on September 29, 2017. This website is not being maintained but will be available through 2019.

About Us

About Us


NRCDR closed on September 29, 2017. The NRCDR website is not being maintained but will remain available through March 2019.

Diligent recruitment work is now supported by the Capacity Building Collaborative. AdoptUSKids continues to provide a wide range of information and resources to child welfare professionals and families, including the NRCDR publication library.

Email AdoptUSKids to be directed to resources to support your recruitment efforts.

Along with other Children’s Bureau-funded efforts, the National Resource Center for Diligent Recruitment (NRCDR) at AdoptUSKids provides capacity-building technical assistance, tools, coaching, and other support to help states, tribes, and territories create lasting systemic changes to improve safety, permanency, and well-being outcomes for children, youth, and families.

We do this by assisting public and private child welfare agencies in developing and implementing comprehensive, multi-faceted diligent recruitment approaches for foster, adoptive, and kinship families.

Our services help child welfare agencies:

  • Strengthen their efforts to develop a pool of prospective families that reflect the diverse characteristics of children and youth who need foster and adoptive homes
  • Increase the effective use of cross-jurisdictional resources to facilitate timely permanence options for children and youth who are waiting for to be adopted
  • Enhance the capacity and satisfaction of child welfare professionals by validating the critical role they play in recruitment, development, and support of families
  • Ensure that family recruitment, response processes, development, and support are driven by promising practices and achieving desired outcomes for families, children and youth
  • Use data-driven recruitment, development, and support efforts and the integration of continuous quality improvement (CQI) approaches into child welfare system’s diligent recruitment efforts

About NRCDR Services

We offer child welfare agencies and systems a continuum of services, ranging from tools and publications that you can use on your own to more intensive tailored assistance from our team to support systems level change. All of these services are provided at no cost, but require various levels of time and resource commitments from you or your agency in order to be most effective.

NRCDR services include:

  • E-Notes, a free, monthly email newsletter providing subscribers with ideas from the field, tools and resources, upcoming NRCDR webinars, and other key information to support your efforts to recruit, develop, and support foster, adoptive, and kinship families. Subscribe to E-Notes and access archived issues.
  • Resources and publications available throughout our website on topics including using data to inform your diligent recruitment efforts, taking a customer service approach to recruit, develop, and support families, and utilizing targeted recruitment strategies, as well as highlighting lessons learned and materials developed by Diligent Recruitment grantees. Our Diligent Recruitment Navigator is a tool that helps guide states, tribes, and territories through their own process of developing, implementing, and continuing to adjust a comprehensive, multi-faced diligent recruitment program. Recognizing that tribal child welfare systems face unique challenges and have unique strengths, our website offers a "For Tribes" section.  
  • Webinars that feature examples from the field and highlight strategies, tools, and resources related to diligent recruitment and developing and supporting families. Learn about upcoming webinars and access archived webinars.
  • A spectrum of tailored on-site and off-site services, coaching, and other forms of capacity-building technical assistance to meet the specific needs of your system. Learn more about our technical assistance services available to states, tribes, and territories.
  • Peer-to-peer connections and groups that provide opportunities for child welfare agency staff from states, tribes, and territories to connect with and learn from their peers. We have developed peer-to-peer groups for specific audiences and topics. These groups range from one-time calls to on-going groups that meet regularly by phone and private webinar. To learn more about NRCDR's peer-to-peer groups, contact Tracy Serdjenian, NRCDR associate director.

Learn more about the various ways AdoptUSKids supports child welfare professionals in addition to the NRCDR’s services.

About AdoptUSKids

The NRCDR is part of AdoptUSKids, a service of the U.S. Children’s Bureau that has been in operation since 2002 by the Adoption Exchange Association under a cooperative agreement (grant #90CQ0003).

The mission of AdoptUSKids is two-fold: to raise public awareness about the need for foster and adoptive families for children and youth in the public child welfare system; and to assist U.S. States, Territories, and Tribes to recruit and retain foster and adoptive families and connect them with children and youth.

To accomplish this mission, AdoptUSKids provides the following services:

  • On-site and off-site technical assistance for US states, territories, tribes, and courts through the National Resource Center for Diligent Recruitment at AdoptUSKids. The purpose is build and increase capacity of jurisdictions to recruit, develop, and support foster, adoptive, and kinship families.
  • A national public awareness outreach campaign done in coordination with the Ad Council through radio, print, and TV public service advertisements with the theme “You Don’t Have to be Perfect to be a Perfect Parent”.  The campaign raises public awareness about the need for foster and adoptive families for children and youth in the U.S. public child welfare systems.
  • A toll-free information and referral line for families and professionals at 888-200-4005.
  • A full service website with photolistings of children, youth and families, information on adoption and foster care guidelines across the country, and resources for recruiting and retaining families.
  • Evaluation of the AdoptUSKids project, including the NRCDR.

For other services from AdoptUSKids, see the AdoptUSKids website.

About the Children’s Bureau’s Capacity-Building Services

The Children’s Bureau, at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, funds multiple centers, including the NRCDR, to help build the capacity of states, tribes, territories, and courts to achieve positive child welfare outcomes. Building on the prior work of the National Child Welfare Resource Centers and Child Welfare Implementation Centers, the Children's Bureau launched the new Child Welfare Capacity Building Collaborative. The Collaborative is a partnership among three centers—the Center for States, Center for Tribes, and Center for Courts.