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Diligent Recruitment

Diligent Recruitment Grantees


Recognizing the need to find families, especially those for older youth, who reflect the ethnic and racial diversity of children and youth needing permanency, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Children’s Bureau awarded eight cooperative agreements in 2008, seven in 2010, and seven in 2013 through the Adoption Opportunities program. Each of the diligent recruitment projects is funded for a period of five years. The Children’s Bureau has ongoing, direct involvement with each of the current grantees, both individually and as two (2010 and 2013) clusters, and the NRCDR provides support and technical assistance to them.

Child welfare agencies can benefit from these early lessons learned and gain new ideas to:

Additional information about the children and youth in foster care can be found in the most recent adoption and foster care statistics from the Children’s Bureau.

Allegheny County, PA: The Recruitment and Engagement Cont​inuum

Goal: Develop a comprehensive approach to recruiting, engaging, and supporting resource families, especially families for teens (2013 grantee)

Arkansas: Creating Connections for Children Project

Goal: Recruit and support families in the highest need communities to serve the populations most in need (2013 grantee)

Clark Co., NV: Permanent Families & Lasting Connections

Goal: Increase the number of families to meet specific needs of children and youth (2010 grantee)

Cuyahoga Co., OH: Partners for Forever Families

Goal: Promote permanency for older youth in care and siblings who need to be together, and support kinship families who are permanency resources (2008 grantee)

Colorado: Denver's Village

Goal: Improve the safety, permanency, and well-being of children through community-based recruitment teams in geographically assigned communities (2008 grantee)

Florida: Intelligent Recruitment Project

Goal: demonstrate the impact of using proven marketing strategies to identify permanent resource families for children and youth most in need of permanency (2013 grantee)

Illinois: Recruitment and Kin Connection Project

Goal: Improve permanency outcomes for children in the state, facilitate concurrent planning activities, and improve system response (2010 grantee)

Kentucky: Project MATCH

Goal: Find permanency for children in Kentucky’s foster care system (2008 grantee)

LA County, CA: Diligent Recruitment of Families for Children

Goal: Increase permanency outcomes for African American, Latino, LGBTQ, and probation and deaf youth (2010 grantee)

Michigan: I-CARE 365

Goal: Promote safety, permanency, and well-being for Michigan’s children and increase positive permanency outcomes for children (2010 grantee)

Mississippi: Diligent Recruitment and Retention Grant

Goal: Develop statewide initiatives to increase the number and variety of resource homes available to children in care (2010 grantee)

Missouri: Extreme Recruitment

Goal: Improve permanency outcomes for children in custody in St. Louis, Missouri, and surrounding counties (2008 grantee)

New Mexico: Step Up! Diligent Recruitment Project

Goal: Improve permanency planning options and outcomes for children, expand concurrent planning, and develop a customer service model (2010 grantee)

New York: A Parent for Every Child

Goal: Study efforts to provide permanency through kinship care, adoption, guardianship, or other committed contracts (2008 grantee)

New York: Innovations in Family Recruitment

Goal: Plan, implement and evaluate a comprehensive multi-faceted diligent recruitment program for kinship, foster, adoptive and dually certified foster/adoptive homes (2013 grantee)

Oklahoma: Bridge to the Future

Goal: Improve outcomes for children by developing innovative, comprehensive strategies for the recruitment and retention of resource families in the state. (2008 grantee)

Oregon: GRACE

Goal: Recruit and retain resource families that reflect the culture and characteristics of children in care (2013 grantee)

Ramsey Co., MN: Permanent Families Recruitment Project

Goal: Increase permanency for children by increasing the number of foster and adoptive homes in their county (2008 grantee)

Santa Cruz Co., CA: Roots & Wings

Goal: Create opportunities for children to develop strong roots in families and communities (2008 grantee)

Texas: Permanency and Family Resource Development Model

Goal: Eliminate barriers to permanency for Texas children in foster care through systems change (2010 grantee)

Rhode Island: A Family for Every Child!

Goal: Reduce the use of congregate care through strategic planning and coordination with community partners and experienced professionals in private and public child welfare (2013 grantee)

Winnebago Tribe, Nebraska: Native Families for Native Children

Goal: Build cooperation and collaboration among child welfare partners toward recruitment and retention of Native American resource families (2013 grantee)