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Placement Stability and Permanency

Tools and Resources


Our tools, publications, and other resources can help you as you develop and implement your recruitment and retention strategies so you can provide placement stability and permanency for children and youth in foster care.

General Recruitment Strategies

General recruitment strategies help build public interest and awareness of the need for foster and adoptive parents for children and youth in foster care by broadcasting the need to a general audience. These strategies focus on drawing in a wide variety of families while setting the stage for more targeted recruitment.

Targeted Recruitment Strategies 

Targeted recruitment is the process by which States, Tribes, and Territories strategically focus their recruitment efforts in neighborhoods and communities where families can be found that are most likely to be a resource for the children and youth in their care.

Child-Specific/Child-Centered Recruitment Strategies 

Child-specific recruitment strategies help recruit foster, adoptive, and kinship families for specific children and youth in foster care. These strategies begin with a comprehensive child assessment and preparation process. Every effort should be made to involve the child as developmentally appropriate.

Interstate Placements

Interstate placements are also commonly referred to as interjurisdictional placements. We have a variety of services and tools to help you embrace interjurisdictional placements as a great option for achieving permanency, demystifying the process, and supporting your efforts in working across jurisdictional boundaries.

Using Social Media in Recruitment

These resources can help you decide if your agency is ready to use social media as a tool for recruiting and retaining families, and which networks you might consider using.

National Recruitment Campaign

Resources for localizing the successful national adoption recruitment campaign. Includes instructions for ordering and placing public service advertisements (PSAs) and recordings of “peer to peer” information-sharing calls.