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Placement Stability and Permanency

National Recruitment Campaign


State agencies and local networks can build on the successful National Adoption Recruitment Campaign and encourage prospective parents to contact local agencies and resources directly with free customized public service advertisements (PSAs). Ads are available for television, radio, and print/outdoor use.

Although the campaign PSAs focus primarily on adoption, these localized ads offer a free opportunity to begin a conversation that includes both foster care and adoption. Be prepared to provide a welcoming response to prospective parents who are interested in adoption even if you are focused on recruiting foster families. Need help? The NRCDR can help you explore ways to develop an effective response system and messaging.

Our campaign portrays foster care adoption as an important local issue, and reassures Illinois families, child welfare professionals, and media outlets that there is a dedicated local resource to help them address the needs of children in care.

— Adoption Information Center of Illinois

Ordering Customized PSAs—Four Simple Steps

To order customized PSAs for your organization:

  1. Review the materials available in the AdoptUSKids Ad Council campaign toolkit.
  2. Determine which media, lengths, and sizes you are interested in localizing.  
  3. Download the order form from the AdoptUSKids Ad Council campaign toolkit.
  4. Email your completed order form and an EPS file* (also referred to as a “vector file”) of the logo you want to feature to the AdoptUSKids marketing and communications director.

*An EPS file is a resolution independent file that can be scaled as large or small as necessary. Please do not convert a raster file (resolution dependent or “pixel-based”) to an EPS. All EPS files must have a transparent layer or background.

Placing Customized PSAs—Working with the Media and Public Information Officers

In partnership with the Ad Council, AdoptUSKids has developed several tools to help you secure donated media time for the campaign materials. These include a media outreach guide (PDF – 225 KB), a letter to PSA directors, customizable press releases, and advice about working with the media.
These materials are available in the AdoptUSKids Ad Council campaign toolkit.

In addition, you will find a host of resources developed by the NRCDR at AdoptUSKids to support your outreach efforts in the general recruitment section of this website, including information about working with key internal contacts such as public information officers (PIO) or communications directors (PDF – 467 KB). PIOs often have frequent contact with administrators and other key staff in child welfare and social services systems. This allows them to serve as an ambassador for information, communication efforts, programs, or media efforts that need to be promoted.

Working together, you can develop communication strategies that are data-driven and align with specific recruitment needs, ensuring consistent, effective messaging to reach prospective parents.

Additional resources:

Media Toolkit for Child Welfare Leaders (PDF – 560 KB)
Provides tips and strategies child welfare leaders can use to work effectively with the media and to increase the impact and reach of the National Adoption Recruitment Campaign and Response Initiative, as a way to help raise awareness about adoption both during National Adoption Month and throughout the rest of the year.

Webinar (2014): Make the National Adoption Recruitment Campaign Your Own!
This webinar provided an overview of the PSA localization process; highlighted best practices for preparing foster and adoptive parents to work with the media; and gave an example of a successful local campaign launch.

View the archived webinar (Flash – 1:09 hr.)
Download the webinar presentation (PDF – 5.6MB)

Localization Examples

AdoptUSKids National Ad Campaign customized outdoor ad
Customized outdoor ad, 2014-2015 campaign
AdoptUSKids National Ad Campaign customized TV end frame
Customized TV end frame


Learn from Your Peers

A three-part NRCDR peer-to-peer series is focusing on aspects of national campaign localization. We are posting the recordings as they become available.


Contact the AdoptUSKids marketing and communications director with questions about localizing the ad campaign or other ways to raise awareness.