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A list of all publications developed by the National Resource Center for Diligent Recruitment at AdoptUSKids. Also see a list of resource guides published by AdoptUSKids.

Find archived webinars on topics related to recruiting, developing, and supporting families on our webinars page.

Diligent Recruitment Navigator

Diligent Recruitment Navigator Worksheet (33 KB Word doc.)
Tool for tracking discussions, data, decisions, and plans identified when using the navigator

Using the Diligent Recruitment Navigator Effectively ( 75 KB PDF)
Guidance and answers to common questions

Using the Diligent Recruitment Navigator to Support Implementation and Ongoing Program Improvement (225 KB PDF)
Information about ways that child welfare systems can use the Diligent Recruitment Navigator after program planning

Diligent Recruitment Planning Tool for Tribes: A Tribal Supplement to the Diligent Recruitment Navigator (111 KB PDF)
Provides an easy-to-use guide specifically for tribes for discussions to develop a comprehensive diligent recruitment plan and program

Assessment Tools

What is Diligent Recruitment? (164 KB PDF)
Tip sheet providing a list of elements to include in a diligent recruitment plan and program

Is Your Response System Family Friendly? (131 KB PDF)
An agency self-assessment tool examining how well your response system meets the needs of families

Agency Readiness Assessment for Interjurisdictional Placements (148 KB PDF)
Self-assessment form focusing on the areas of training, system supports, evaluation, and recruitment

Which Social Networks Should Your Agency Use to Reach Families?
A decision flowchart

General Recruitment Tools

Developing Recruitment Plans: A Toolkit for States and Tribes (557 KB PDF)
Guidance, strategies, examples and tools for developing data-driven recruitment plans, including ideas for creating short-term plans, targeted recruitment plans focused on particular populations or areas, and comprehensive diligent recruitment plans

Using Integrated Recruitment and Support to Build a Strong Pool of Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families (123 KB PDF)
Overview of integrated family recruitment and support and ideas for taking small and large steps toward a more integrated approach

Characteristics of Successful Recruitment Practitioners (198 KB PDF)
Qualities of effective recruiters

Improving Recruitment Outcomes: 11 Things a Practitioner Can Do (206 KB PDF)
Steps recruiters can take to find and keep more foster and adoptive families

Practitioner’s Guide: Getting More Parents for Children from Your Recruitment Efforts (275 KB PDF) / En Español (288 KB PDF)
Promising practices for keeping families involved from the first time they contact your agency until the time a child is placed with them

2011 National Adoption Month Capacity Building Toolkit (2.9 MB PDF)
Tips and tools for building capacity to recruit and retain foster and adoptive parents

2009 National Adoption Month Recruitment and Marketing Toolkit (545 KB PDF)
Suggestions for working with the media to raise awareness about adoption and tips for planning special events

Targeted Recruitment Tools

Overview of Market Segmentation: A Tool for Targeting Recruitment (340 KB PDF)
Using market segmentation to increase the effectiveness of targeted-recruitment efforts

Tips, Tools, and Trends: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Market Segmentation (354 KB PDF)
Using GIS and market segmentation to identify communities in which prospective foster and adoptive parents live

Targeted Recruitment – Working with Diverse Communities

Recruiting Families for Native American Children: Strengthening Partnerships for Success (107 KB PDF)
Strategies for recruiting families for Native American children, including strengthening relationships with tribes

Finding Common Ground: A Guide for Child Welfare Agencies Working With Communities of Faith (1.3 MB PDF)
Wisdom and lessons learned from successful faith-based targeted recruitment initiatives

Latino Tip Sheet Packet (222 KB PDF)
Benefits of recruiting Latino foster, adoptive, and kinship families and information about the importance of language in working with Latino families

Minority Specializing Agency Directory (156 KB PDF)
A listing of agencies by state

Moving Toward Cultural Competence: Key Considerations to Explore (227 KB PDF)
Building staff capacity for effective, culturally competent recruitment and retention efforts

Nuestra Familia, Nuestra Cultura (Our Family, Our  Culture): Promoting and Supporting Latino Families  in Adoption and Foster Care (888 KB PDF)
Tips for building cultural competence and increasing effectiveness in working with potential parent

Working With African American Adoptive, Foster, and  Kinship Families (2.5 MB PDF)
Tips for becoming more culturally competent and partnering more effectively with families

Finding a Fit that Will Last a Lifetime: A Guide to  Connecting Adoptive Families With Waiting Children (402 KB PDF) / En Español (280 KB PDF)
Effective ways of bringing waiting children and families together, with insights shared by families, youth, and professionals

Targeted Recruitment – Older Youth

Going Beyond Recruitment for Older Youth: Increasing Your System’s Capacity to Respond to Prospective Parents and Prepare Older Youth for Adoption (648 KB PDF)
Strategies, resources, and key steps for building capacity to recruit and retain families and to prepare older youth for adoption (updated in 2015)

Tip Sheets on Recruiting Families for Preteens (696 KB PDF)
Recruiting prospective families for preteens in foster care, preparing preteens for adoption, and developing child profiles

Talking With Older Youth About Adoption (1.1 MB PDF)
Tip sheet developed collaboratively with Child Welfare Information Gateway with tips and key considerations for talking with older youth about the idea of being adopted.

Targeted Recruitment – Siblings

Practice Principles and Seven-Step Process for Sibling Recruitment (384 KB PDF)
Key considerations and practice tips for keeping siblings together or connected

10 Realities of Sibling Adoption (913 KB PDF)
Importance of keeping siblings connected and benefits of placing siblings together

Engaging, Developing, and Supporting Prospective Families for Sibling Groups (98 KB PDF)
Importance of supporting families from first contact with your agency and tips for engaging families to help them build capacity to adopt sibling groups

Targeted Recruitment – Military Families

Wherever My Family Is, That’s Home! Adoption Services for Military Families (1.8 MB PDF )
Making quality and timely adoption services readily available for military families

Why Should I Go the Extra Step to Place a Child for Adoption With an American Military Family Living in  Another Country? (210 KB PDF )
Addresses perceived barriers and concerns to placing a child with US military families stationed overseas

Targeted Recruitment – LGBT Parents

LGBT Foster and Adoptive Parenting (188 KB PDF)
Overview of LGBT foster and adoptive parenting issues, including LGBT parenting, laws, and policies and how agencies can better serve LGBT families

Recruiting and Retaining LGBT Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families: Sending a Welcoming Message (216 KB PDF)
Importance of using appropriate language and images to help improve recruitment and retention outcomes

Strategies for Recruiting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families  (435 KB PDF)
Overview of LGBT parenting and strategies for recruiting and engaging LGBT families

Talking with Experts on Engaging LGBT Families, Part 1: Creating a Welcoming Environment (217 KB PDF)
Welcoming LGBT parents through developing inclusive messages, explicit policies, and community connections

Talking with Experts on Engaging LGBT Families, Part 2: How Leaders Can Build Agency Competency ( 215 KB PDF)
Increasing staff capacity for working appropriately and sensitively with LGBT prospective and current parents

Talking with Experts on Engaging LGBT Families, Part 3: Important Conversations in Child Welfare (215 KB PDF)
Topics for child welfare professionals to discuss to help increase capacity to work with LGBT parents

Using Media and Social Media in Recruitment, Development, and Support of Families

Media Toolkit for Child Welfare Leaders (553 KB PDF)
Tips and strategies for working effectively with the media

Partnering for Permanency: Promoting Adoption through Effective Communication Efforts (498 KB PDF)
Increasing the reach and impact of the National Adoption Recruitment Campaign and Response Initiative to raise awareness about the need for families for youth in foster care

Partnering for Permanency: How Public Information Officers Can Partner to Promote Adoption from Foster Care (469 KB PDF)
Strategies and resources for raising awareness about the need for adoptive families

Partnering for Permanency: Working with Your Public Information Officer (239 KB PDF)
Helping child welfare program leaders understand the role of public information officers and develop effective strategies for partnering with them

Which Social Networks Should Your Agency Use to Reach Families?
A decision flowchart for identifying which social networks an agency should use, if any

Twitter 101 for Child Welfare Professionals: An Introduction to Using Twitter to Reach Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families (281 KB PDF)
Understanding if Twitter is right for your agency

Twitter 201 for Child Welfare Professionals: Strategies and Best Practices for Using Twitter to Reach Foster,  Adoptive, and Kinship Families (369 KB PDF)
Tips and best practices for getting the most out of a Twitter account

Facebook 101 for Child Welfare Professionals: An Introduction to Using Facebook to Reach Foster,  Adoptive, and Kinship Families (281 KB PDF)
Understanding how Facebook works and whether it is a useful tool for your agency

Facebook 201 for Child Welfare Professionals: Strategies and Best Practices for Using Facebook to Reach  Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families (386 KB PDF)
Tips and best practices to get the most out of your agency’s Facebook page

Developing a Terms of Use Policy for Your Agency’s Facebook Page (275 KB PDF)
Benefits and best practices, including a sample “terms of use” policy from the AdoptUSKids’ Facebook page

Photolisting Tips

Encouraging Your Staff to Use Photolistings in New Ways (619 KB PDF)
Using the AdoptUSKids photolistings to search for families for children

Featuring Photolisted Children—Selecting Children and Preparing Your Agency’s Response (162 KB PDF)
Strategies for selecting photolisted children to feature through social media and tips for responding effectively to inquiries from prospective parents

Lasting Impressions: A Guide for Photolisting Children (810 KB PDF) / En Español  (846 KB PDF)
Tips on preparing children for being photolisted, taking photos, and writing descriptions for online and print listings

Family Development and Support and Customer Service

Using Customer Service Concepts to Enhance Recruitment and Retention Practices ( 852 KB PDF)
An overview and guide for agency leaders in assessing, developing, and implementing policies and practices to support good customer service

Support Matters: Lessons from the Field on Services for Adoptive, Foster, and Kinship Care Families (2 MB PDF)
Shares information from leaders in the field about implementing support services, including forming public/private partnerships, accessing funding, assessing a program’s ability to engage families, and evaluating how services make a difference in the lives of children, youth, and families

Support Matters tip sheets:

10 Things You Can Do to Improve Customer Service—Prospective Parent Orientation Sessions (201 KB PDF)
Simple ideas for creating a more welcoming and encouraging environment

Barriers and Success Factors in Adoption from Foster Care: Perspectives of Families and Staff (2.1 MB PDF)
An AdoptUSKids report on barriers experienced by families and factors that contribute to successful outcomes

Every Month Is Customer Service Month (107 KB PDF)
Simple ways to partner with prospective and current parents by integrating customer service principles in your daily work

Five Things You Can Do to Improve Customer Service—Phone Interaction with Families (186 KB PDF)
Simple steps for improving service to prospective foster, adoptive, and kinship families

Creating and Sustaining Effective Respite Services: Lessons from the Field (1 MB PDF)
Understanding the value of respite care in achieving improved outcomes for parents and youth and building program capacity to sustain respite care programs after time-limited grants have ended

Taking a Break: Creating Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Respite in Your Community (2 MB PDF) / En Español (1.4 MB PDF)
Steps to developing a respite program, including sample forms for use in the day-to-day operation of your program

Interstate and Interjurisdictional Placements

Key Elements and Strategies for Effective Interjurisdictional Work (2.2 MB PDF)
Strategies and system elements that child welfare professionals have highlighted as being effective ways to support and use interjurisdictional placements in child welfare work, including case studies and tools and capacity-building resources

Agency Readiness Assessment for Interjurisdictional  Placements (148 KB PDF)
Self-assessment form helping agencies identify their existing capacity for supporting and making interjurisdictional placements, focusing on the areas of training, system supports, evaluation, and recruitment

Beyond Borders: Achieving Child Permanence Across Geographic Boundaries (Flash – 20:23 min.)
Professionals share stories about the value of interjurisdictional placements and expertise about how to make them work in this AdoptUSKids film

Beyond Borders DVD Companion Guide (260 KB PDF)
Discussion questions you can use with administrators, managers, supervisors, and front-line personnel

Dollars and Sense: A Guide to Achieving Adoptions through Public-Private Contracting (264 KB PDF)
Provides information to help make interjurisdictional adoption services work

Interjurisdictional Placement of Children in the Child Welfare Process: Improving the Process (1.2 MB PDF)
A 2006 report for the Children’s Bureau highlighting the existing barriers to interjurisdictional placements, efforts being undertaken to address those barriers, and suggestions for making improvements

Receiving State Checklist: Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC ) (762 KB PDF)
A checklist of things to consider when receiving a child from another state for placement

Sending State Checklist: Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC ) (466 KB PDF)
A checklist of things to consider when sending children to another state for placement

Recruitment Data Collection and Utilization

Data-Driven Recruitment: Key Data Elements on Foster and Adoptive Families (487 KB PDF)
Suggests key questions to ask your data to increase the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts

Speaking the Same Language: Understanding Multiple Meanings of Terms Used by Child Welfare Program and IT/ Data Staff to Support Diligent  Recruitment (147 KB PDF)
Key words and phrases that both program and data/ IT staff may use that may have different meanings

Diligent Recruitment Grantee Findings and Research from the Field

Key Findings and Lessons Learned by 2008 Diligent Recruitment Grantees (1.4 MB PDF)
A compilation of information grantees shared with other 2008 Diligent Recruitment Grantees as they completed their five-year grants

Barriers and Success Factors in Adoption from Foster Care: Perspectives of Families and Staff (2.1 MB PDF)
A 2007 AdoptUSKids report

Perspectives of Youth Adopted from Foster Care by Lesbian and Gay Parents (608 KB PDF)
A 2012 study by AdoptUSKids

Barriers and Success Factors in Adoption from Foster  Care: Perspectives of Lesbian and Gay Families (2.1 MB PDF)
A 2010 follow-up report to Barriers and Success Factors in Adoption from Foster Care: Perspectives of Families and Staff

View and download additional AdoptUSKids publications.